About Kahena Digital

Who We Are

Kahena Digital Marketing was founded in the Spring of 2011. We are a Jerusalem, Israel based digital marketing agency that focuses on sustainable search engine marketing, online advertising, and e-commerce optimization. Check out some of our services for a more detailed explanation of our approach and tactics to search marketing.

What’s this ‘Kahena’ thing all about?

As a team, we feel fortunate to come into a fun and exciting office each and every day with passionate people who love what they do. We take pride in knowing that we’ve helped both very small businesses, and large multi-nationals, achieve forecasted growth as a direct result of something that started as a few sketches on a whiteboard. As with anything online, you can’t succeed without passion.

The idea and myths around passion and ethnicity are ever present in the middle-east. The legend of Kahena (pronounced kah-HEE-nuh) tells the story of a half-Jewish, half-Berber warrior princess in the Atlas mountains of North Africa. She was a woman who defied stereo-types, boundaries, and was known to combine both strategic planning and mysticism to aide in fighting off invading armies in the 7th century.

We like to think that we channel many of those same virtues: our work is borderless, passionate, and combines a strong spirit & strategic planning. SEO and search marketing at large is not an art or a science alone – it’s both… and that’s how the name Kahena was chosen.

That …. and we just really liked the name. 🙂