KahenaCon 2014

KahenaCon is a one-day inbound marketing conference covering SEO, Online Advertising, & Social Media.

Conference Details


May 18th, 2014


08:00 am ~ 5:00 pm


JVP Media Quarter, Jerusalem, Israel


featuring the best inbound marketers

KahenaCon hand-picks some of the best digital marketers from a variety of spaces. Whether it's from startups, agencies, or leading brands, you'll leave KahenaCon with relevant, actionable takeaways.

Joanna Lord
Chief Marketing Officer, Big Door. Former VP Growth, Moz.

Joanna Lord will be delivering the morning keynote. She is CMO at Seattle-based Big Door, a customer loyalty technology startup. Prior to joining BigDoor, Lord had a decade of startup marketing experience and leadership where she has focused on revenue growth, marketing strategy and product marketing.

Kate Morris
Principal Consultant, Distilled.

Kate Morris is a search industry veteran with over 10 years of experience in all facets of digital marketing. Kate has a passion and expertise in user experience, international digital expansion, and amazing content. Her dream is to make the internet a better place for everyone through great websites.

Adam Melson
Associate, SEER Interactive.

Adam Melson is a Team Lead at SEER Interactive. Since joining the team over 6 years ago, Adam has worked with clients of all shapes/sizes/issues, from Fortune25 to Mom & Pop shops.

Yehoshua Coren
Founder & Principal, Analytics Ninja

Yehoshua Coren is the Founder and Principal of Analytics Ninja. An experienced speaker, his simple but extremely effective insights into web analytics are a game changer.

Ari Nahmani
Founder / CEO, Kahena Digital Marketing

Ari founded Kahena in 2011 after consulting as a digital marketer for several years. Ari oversees all accounts at Kahena. His work is still about getting in the trenches on SEO / inbound marketing campagins - from massive brand e-commerce sites to digital strategy for a local business looking to scale.

Gilad De Vries
Senior Vice President, Products, Marketing & Strategy at Outbrain

Gilad brings more than 19 years of experience in the digital media and technology fields. Before joining Outbrain, Gilad was VP of Digital Media and Principal at Carmel Ventures, one of Israel's top tier venture capital firms, where he was highly engaged in Carmel's investments in digital media, Internet and mobile startups. Before Carmel, Gilad was a Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management at Comverse Technology, a leading provider of value-added services for Telco Providers.

Eitan Chitayat
Founder, natie

Eitan Chitayat is the founder of natie, a boutique global agency that specializes in branding, animation, storytelling, and design. Throughout his 15-year career he's received a bevy of advertising awards and shares the credit with the creative partners he find himself lucky to work with everyday. He's spoken at events in Barcelona, Zurich and Berlin amongst others, and most recently served as a jury member on advertising's prestigious One Show. He's lived in Hong-Kong, London, Tel Aviv, New York and Boston. And he likes riding his bike to work.

Site Clinic Panelists:

These marketing experts will help be on our site clinics giving you advice during special sessions.

Sarah Snow
Community Manager, Glide

Sarah Snow is a young entrepreneur and one of the first people to use live video communication as a tool for customer support and community outreach. She is the community manager at Glide, an instant video messaging application for iOS and Android.

Hillel Fuld
CMO at Zula. Tech Blogger, Startup Advisor.

Hillel is also a tech blogger who contributes to sites such as The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable, Gigaom, and others. In addition, he is a strategic advisor at several startups and startup incubators including: UMoove, Curiyo, Brow.si, Webbing, MyLED, and Selarator. Hillel is also a startup mentor at Google Israel, Microsoft Accelerator, Jerusalem Startup Hub, The Junction, and others.

Daniel Feldman
Social Media & Evangelist, Waze (Google).

Daniel has run social media and community management for the past 5 years at Waze (recently acquired by Google). He has helped build and currently manages an impressive, robust online community comprised of both Waze employees and volunteers across the globe.

Rachel Slovin
Senior Account Manager, Kahena

Rachel has been with Kahena since the beginning. Rachel's clients always seem to hang on tight to her as her campaigns are always marked with success. She specializes in technical SEO, web analytics, and training all the newbies :)

Ari Roth
Senior Account Manager, Kahena

Ari is the e-commerce SEO expert on the team with a strong and diverse portfolio of clients. He's the office goofball but gets serious when it comes to results. He is a strong mentor to the rest of the SEO team.


Some of the topic areas you'll hear at KahenaCon:

Inbound Analytics and Metrics That Matter
Beyond the typical Key Performance Indicators, conversion funnels & analytics goals; define and report on the metrics that matter.

Social, Branding, & Reputation Management
Implementing a social strategy with sound brand management principles is a must. Hear some expert case studies from multiple sectors.

Future Proof SEO
Don’t let the next algorithm updates knock you off the search results. Learn how the experts are building sustainable SEO campaigns that today to protect their search traffic tomorrow.

Multi-Channel Inbound Marketing
The days of narrow strategies are over: focus on how you can grow your audience using a combination of the various organic, social, and paid online channels.

Mobile Optimization
From interstitial to responsive design, industry leaders take the discussion beyond the necessary basics to the cutting edge in mobile marketing.

Advanced Online Advertising
The past 12 months have seen extreme changes in the paid online advertising ecosystem. From PLAs, retargeting, and cross-channel audience lists - we got you covered.


What attendees from KahenaCon 2013 say

Miriam Schwab
Friendly CEO, illuminea

"Kahenacon is a local gathering of some of the best people in the industry. Therefore, the hand-picked speakers and topics are all useful. Between the opportunity to catch up with people, get out of the office, and learn new stuff, this is a must-attend event!"

Menachem Pritzker
CEO / Founder, TheHomefixers.com

"KahenaCon has that "insider feel" you just don't get with the large conferences. I walked away with a list of real changes that I immediately applied to my SEO campaigns. After the crazy year we've had in the industry, I'm definitely looking forward to KahenaCon 2014."

Rachel Rowland
Marketing Team Leader, Natural Intelligence

"Last year's KahenaCon is, in one word, refreshing. They hand-pick their speakers, keeping it intimate and quality. The number not only enables effective and interactive sessions, but also creates an atmosphere for successful networking. Throw in the great location and exciting vibe, and you've got a smashing conference. "

Andy Levy-Stevenson
Chief Search Officer, Five Blocks

"Had a fantastic time at KahenaCon ... great to hear top-quality speakers in such an intimate and collegial atmosphere. Some valuable tips and thought-provoking presentations, a lovely location, and an excellent lunch with time to chat and catch up with friends. Looking forward to 2014!"

Sara Cole
SEO Manager, Net-Bet

"KahenaCon 2013 was a great opportunity to discuss SEO issues and trends that as an digital marketing professional effect me on a daily basis. The intimate setting lent itself to useful sessions and individual networking with knowledgeable people."

Mark Ginsberg
CEO / Founder, Drive Hill Media

"With a small, exclusive list of attendees and one-track of in-depth sessions taking place, you're exposed to the latest trends in digital marketing and have great opportunities for networking and learning new techniques and tactics. KahenaCon is one of the premier digital marketing events in Israel, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone involved or interested in the space."


Time Sessions
AM 08:00 ~ AM 09:00 Registration, Coffee, & Networking
AM 09:00 ~ AM 10:00 Keynote: Joanna Lord - The Loyalist Advantage: Today's Consumer & The Paradigm Shift
AM 10:15 ~ PM 11:00 Kate Morris - Original: Staying Ahead of the Game in Online Marketing
AM 11:15 ~ PM 12:00 Gilad de Vries - Content Marketing: 3 Steps for Winning the Future of Advertising
PM 12:00 ~ PM 2:00 LUNCH & NETWORKING [outdoor courtyard]

Optional Breakout Clinics (1:15pm-2:00pm):
Social Media & Community Management - [zappa stage]
  • Hillel Fuld, Sarah Snow, Daniel Feldman
SEO & Inbound Marketing - [courtyard conference room]
  • Ari Roth, Rachel Slovin, Adam Melson, Kate Morris
PM 2:00 ~ PM 2:45 Yehoshua Coren - Advanced Analytics: From Google Tag Manager to Universal Analytics
PM 3:00 ~ PM 3:45 Eitan Chitayat - Let's Get Engaged: How brands connect with consumers in today's day and age
PM 4:00 ~ PM 5:00 Adam Melson - Driving SEO By Listening To Customers
Ari Nahmani - Adtech & Data: Sending The Right Message at the Right Time
Times and sessions subject to change
Registration and all breaks include espresso / coffee, pastries, & fruit!


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What's this whole 'KahenaCon' thing about?

KahenaCon is back in Jerusalem on May 18th, 2014 to present the latest and greatest in global inbound marketing.

With the best local & international speakers, actionable takeaways, and a great venue, it is no wonder that Kahenacon has quickly established itself as one of the most anticipated digital marketing conference in Israel.

Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to hear success stories and proven techniques from leaders in the digital marketing world and walk away with the knowledge to apply these tactics to your own campaigns. Whether you’re an in-house marketing professional, an agency account manager, or a one-person startup, there’s something for everyone at KahenaCon!

Created with the same energy and professionalism behind Kahena Digital Marketing, we value an intimate vibe and real networking opportunities, thus tickets are limited. Make sure to get your ticket as early as possible and also enjoy the variety of discounts available for early bird registrants!

Start getting a taste of what to expect in this year’s conference by checking out the testimonials above, and feel free to engage and chat with us on the Facebook event page. Still not convinced? Did we also mention a delicious lunch and enough espresso to make you dance in your seat!? Don’t miss out - register today :)

About Kahena Digital Marketing

Embodying an energetic startup culture, Kahena is situated in the JVP Media Quarter, and is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Israel. Modeled after leading US-based search firms, with a staff full of Anglo ex-pats, Kahena has attracted a growing roster of international clients due to its reputation of being a quality service provider which prides itself on its professionalism, work environment, and the results it achieves.



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Q. How do I register more than one person? How about my whole team from my company?
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Q. Where is the actual venue?
A. KahenaCon is being held at the JVP Media Quarter compound. It's located at 24 Derech Hevron, Jerusalem. Speakers will present inside the 'Zappa' venue, coffee and snacks will be both inside and outside on the patio, and Lunch will be held in the courtyard of the actual Media Quarter compound.

Q. Where do I Park?
A. There is a large parking lot directly next to the venue - down below from Derech Hevron. Either use Pango on your mobile or there are parking meters. There may be a few free spots across from the Mount Zion Hotel.

Q. WiFi? Will there be Internet?
A. We are investing a ton of resources in getting a super strong connection and multiple access points for the conference. While it's not perfect, we do the best possible at the venue.

Q. What's Lunch going to be like? How about snacks? Is it Kosher? What's the Hechsher?
A. Lunch is catered by a Caramel Catering, kosher mehadrin dairy gush etzion. For the Teudat Kashrut click here.

Q. I bought a ticket but now I can't come, can I get a refund?
A. 100% refunds will be honored upon request until May 1st, after which no refunds will be possible.