Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

The metaphor of search engines as modern-day yellow pages is now more accurate than ever. With Google, Yahoo, and Bing displaying local business listings right on page 1, getting listed high as a local business is crucial.

The web has shrunk the world – creating a global village where it can be as easy to reach across continents as it can to reach across town. The new challenge is how to stand out in your local market.

Search engines now tailor your SERP results to where you are located, providing more relevant information to customers seeking local businesses. With less and less people reaching for the yellow pages and instead searching Local, the question is, will your local business be ready?

How it works:

The SEO landscape is one of the most constantly changing industries, and local search is no different. Keeping track of terms such as “sevenboxes”, “vertical elements,” or “embed results” is crucial to understanding the Local Algorithm. We stay abreast of the changes daily and are intimately familiar with the methods for getting you on top of the local listings.

Better than the Phonebook

Local Search offers a rich platform that includes photos, videos, maps, directions, and can link several branches of the same businesses in different locations. The listings also include directions, reviews, and special offers or coupons. These features can also be tightly integrated with social media campaigns. Many if not all of these results can show up directly in the SERP. CTR is high, with direct links to all of these on the page.

Our Approach to Local SEO

Our team uses its deep understanding of the up-to-date changes in the local platforms and a deep and thorough research process to assess how to best optimize your local listings. Through building optimized place pages, populating ‘citations’ on local oriented sites across the web, and leveraging organic reviews in the right way, we push your local listing to the top in a short period of time.

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