Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing

A Perfect Match

Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing is a way to bid and buy search engine traffic by bidding on keywords.  As opposed to conventional advertising, which interrupts whatever you are doing, PPC ads only show up to customers relevant to your business.

Why PPC?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider PPC search advertising.

  • Test the Waters:  Rank at the top, before ranking there organically. PPC is a great way to see potential traffic patterns, understand conversion rates, and user behavior via different exact keywords or keyword niches. This allows for a better understanding of exactly how your audience is searching and behaving on your site.
  • Jump-Start:  PPC can give you instant results, which when combined with an enduring organic campaign, can help buoy your budget for building up the site’s organic rankings.
  • Measurable: Acheive easy ROI based on your budget, and optimize your campaign for better Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate.  The ability to easily retreive your cost per acquistion (of a sale or lead) at any time is a great way to know that the campaign is paying for itself (and then some!).

PPC with Kahena

  • Kahena PPC Solo:  Employ PPC test campaigns to understand your product’s search market – get full insight into conversion rates and consumer patterns.
  • Kahena PPC Duo:  The most optimal, sustainable PPC campaigns are run side-by-side with organic SEO campaigns. The data we gain from running simultaneous organic and paid campaigns is unparalleled.  The power of the two campaigns create an incomparable synergy, leading to optimal exposure to your targeted search audience.


Pricing for campaigns are based upon a precentage of monthly expenditure (either a percentage, or a flat management fee). Get in touch to find out more about our PPC solutions.

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