Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO?

For anyone involved the online marketing space, high-quality SEO is known as the crown jewel of digital marketing. Organically ranking at the top of page 1 in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keywords in your niche is priceless. As compared to paying for search traffic via pricey PPC ads, a sound SEO strategy is the gift that keeps on giving. An influx of traffic from relevant new visitors can revitalize the bottom line of a small to medium sized business in mere months.

However, an SEO implementation without sound technical and business strategy will waste your company’s resources. A quick boost from an irresponsible, flash-in-the-pan SEO strategy can cost your site traffic when it suffers from penalties or bans from the search engines. Moreover, without proper keyword research and competitive analysis, you could find yourself spending thousands of dollars competing against sites way out of your league, or for keywords which may bring you little to no traffic once ranking on page 1.

Our Experience

At Kahena Digital, our team has years of experience working with clients of many sizes. We have delivered results both to small local businesses, on upwards to the enterprise level, working with a publicly traded global e-commerce sites. With a firm understanding of your business strategy, we conduct thorough search market research, forecast potential search traffic based on our custom competitive analysis, and develop a bespoke implementation plan that will bring about a quick and sustained positive ROI.

Our Approach

Our approach to SEO combines industry leading best practices for on-site optimization, and an ongoing monthly off-site optimization plan (link building) that will increase your rankings and traffic month over month. All of the positive results are presented to you in clear and detailed reports showing rankings increases, search traffic gains, and leads or revenue generated directly from our efforts. The key performance indicators of our campaign are always fundamentally connected to your bottom line.

Our Link Building

The link building strategies and tactics we employ are vigorous, sustainable and responsible. Through diverse link sources, strength and relevancy, and the maintenance of a good ratio of branded and non-branded in-links, we are diligent about the upkeep an organic back-link profile. We closely monitor multiple data points and numeric thresholds – using tried and true methods that we have implemented successfully for over 60 accounts thus far.

Plans & Pricing

Our SEO services are based on a 5 tiered pricing system, starting from around $2000/month for very small local businesses, ranging to 15K – 20K a month for national companies operating in highly competitive search spaces. In addition, for custom projects including heavy banklink audits and cleanup, pricing can vary dramatically given each circumstance. We also offer an additional 6th tier – an international package for multi-national sites which wish to rank in multiple foreign search engines (Google UK, Google France, etc). Every search niche is different based on volume and competition – contact us for a more accurate quote and proposal.

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