Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media?

Facebook may have started out just for college students, but no business is optimizing their potential today without a presence on a few or more of the social media channels & networks. The social network ecosystem is dynamic – which is why you may need our expertise in the following:

  • Help you figure out which channel is most suited for your industry (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn – the list goes on!)
  • To engage with and grow your targeted followers
  • To determine what types of content and editorial will be most successful at translating those ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ into real customers
  • To help improve retention through social channels

Our Experience

Our team has the experience to successfully strategize and manage a social media campaign – regardless of your industry or channel. Our experience is varied:

  • Fortune 100 companies with 1000+ brick and mortar stores each with their own social media presence
  • Small mom & pop e-commerce sites
  • Boutique special interest companies (B2C + B2B) looking to get more targeted leads

We have proven experience turning our clients’ social media profiles into a place for fans to engage with their brand and ultimately increasing traffic to their websites. We can help you craft a social media campaign for your business needs – find out how today.

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